• Natural Resources

    As our world continues to expand, so do the threats to our natural resources. Let's use what we have already extracted before we take more. … Read more..

    Natural Resources
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    We are not your typical recycling company... Changing the way people think about plastics. … Read more..

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    At IGE we put our entire focus on working with...Manufacturers Governments CommunitiesGaining maximum value from end of life non recyclable plastics. … Read more..

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    Sustainability is our responsibility... It starts with you, me, your family, the government, the people you work with, socialise with, come in contact with, and even have never met. … Read more..

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    Integrated Green Energy Solutions Vision ...A world in which no plastics pollute the planet and where renewable energy sources are maximised. A world in which commerce, governments, families … Read more..


Integrated Green Energy Solutions Mission...

    To create a cleaner planet for the next generation through the removal from the environment of all harmful end-of-life plastics that would otherwise go to land-fill or pollute our landscape and waterways by converting the plastic to a valuable resource.

      To develop sustainable and renewable energy sources that can be used to support our lifestyles whilst protecting the future environment on our planet.

        To build a bridge between commerce, governments, families and environmentalists via practical, commercial, environmentally positive solutions.

    Amsterdam Construction Underway

      Integrated Green Energy Solutions has commenced construction of the Amsterdam facility with preparations at the site well underway. In Australia, construction of the first modules on the Central Coast of NSW is also well advanced , and the following video provides some highlights of the construction process. These modules will be shipped to Amsterdam for installation after completion.

      More details on the Amsterdam project and the current status can be found on the Projects page.

        Plasticity Forum, Texas

          On 21 April 2017, Integrated Green Energy Solutions Managing Director Stuart Clark delivered the following talk, 'The Waste Plastic Solution for Today: A Bridge to the Circular Economy', at the 2017 Texas Plasticity Forum, held in Dallas.

            The objective of Plasticity, now entering its sixth year, with events in Rio, Hong Kong, New York, Portugal, Shanghai, London, Dallas and Los Angeles, is to bring together many aspects of the business community who are often not interacting with experts in the plastic industry for design, materials, innovation and solutions that can lead to a reduced waste footprint. The more that business managers understand the complexities which are associated with plastic vis-à-vis materials, processes and recycled content, the more chances there will be to make big impacts in reducing the waste footprint associated with plastic products, and where improvements can positively impact the products and brands they work with.




    Natural Resources